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Best Solar Geyser Plumbers in the Area

Solar Geyser Installation

Our reliable and experienced plumbers offer the best solar geyser solutions in the area.

Living in today’s modern society in South Africa, we can no longer be measured by keeping up with the Jones’s. But something like solar geyser installation will absolutely not be considered keeping up with the Jones’.

These days, having a safe and secure home with running water, and constant power supply has taken priority for most people.

You might have noticed that the rat race will not stop every time that load shedding presents its ugly head. Neither will your employer negotiate on that extra hour it took you to get to work this morning, with all the traffic lights being out.

A new topic in most general conversations, are no longer the latest fashions or political scandals, but rather giving advice on how to implement some of these basic requirements for your household. For those of us that remain here in South Africa, we must make the most of every challenge that we are presented with.

Solar geyser Brackenfell have helped many households to do just that. Thus, becoming part of the friendship circle. Someone you can depend upon to give you the correct and reliable advice you need.

Solar geyser installation is the new buzz word on everybody’s lips. But how effective and cost effective is it really? To most it sounds impossible from a affordability point of view.

The initial cost of having a solar geyser installation done, might frighten you so much that you struggle to look further for options and solutions. See our water meter installation page.

Conversions of normal electrical geysers could be one such option that can certainly provide a possible solution.

Solar Geyser Near Me

There are also two different options on the market, and depending on what your needs are regarding climate, household size (including number of bathrooms or kitchens), number of people utilizing hot water, water quality and geographical area, you can start considering options that can fit your budget.

Solar geyser installation is not new to the industry. Flat plate collector systems have been around for some time. Vacuum Tube collectors are relatively new to the market. More households can usually afford it.

A competent solar geyser plumber will be able to give you updated advice. You should ensure that you consult an authorized and registered solar geyser installation specialist. There are many risks involved in using any company that does not have the proper training or comply to standards and regulations.

If a good quality product is installed, it should be able to give you a lifespan of around 25 years on a panel. It should also give you an average electricity bill saving of around 80%. This would mean that you can start receiving returns on your initial investment within 3 to 4 years from installation.

Not everyone is in the privileged position to manage the initial layout for a proper solar geyser installation. Also consider that weather patterns in the winter, or on very cloudy and rainy days, could require an electricity boost to ensure that hot water is available right throughout the winter.

Even in comparison with having a timer on your geyser, you will still find that the solar panel option has a bigger cost saving in the long run, with the long hot summers we experience here in Brackenfell.

With good quality panels now available from local suppliers, you do not have to worry much about maintenance. Your insurance will also be happy to know that the panels are hail, freeze, and overheat resistant.

If you are in the fortunate position of doing a solar geyser installation, you will also enjoy a good night’s sleep when you know that you are doing your part in reducing CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming.

Best Solar Geyser Installation

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