Best Blocked Drain Plumbers in the Area

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Best Blocked Drain Plumbers in the Area

Blocked Drain

To most people, just the thought of a blocked drain, is more than they can handle.

Some people can easily recall memories of their most embarrassing moments, that also involved a blocked drain.

Blocked drains and blocked toilets are probably the most common problem in every household.

But why would this be? What could be the cause of so many blocked drains?

Having toddlers in the house, they find it fascinating to throw foreign objects down the toilet and enjoy watching them flush away. This could be small parts of toys, or small particles such as lego blocks. This is by far one of the most common contributors.

Hair and sanitary products. Baby wipes. Earbuds. Not sure why on earth anyone would imagine that a plastic earbud will dissolve in water, but still they are commonly found in blocked drains.

Thick toilet paper (the luxury wipes), and even paper towels or serviettes that are used to clean up unwanted spillages on the floor, can cause a lump that is too heavy to be washed away down the drain. Maybe time to call the best plumbers in Brackenfell.

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If plates are not properly wiped out before they are washed, the food particles can create a massive problem in the drain. Even small grains of rice or pasta can swell up in the water, which leads to other items that can be caught up with them.

Oils, greases and fats are major contributors to creating a blockage in the drain.

Sometimes these individual factors are the main contributor to your blocked drain. Other times it is a combination of build-up that occurs gradually.

Simple things like liquid soaps, or coffee granules left over in the filter coffee pot and then flushed down the drain, instead of being wiped out in the bin, can build up to create a lump that will cling to the oils and grease substances that are already stuck on the sides of the drain pipes.

It is so much easier to just implement preventative measures, than having to call for a blocked drain plumber.

In most cases, there are certain steps that can be done to try and unblock the drain by yourself.

A plunger is very handy to try and clear up the shower or kitchen sink. Add some hot or boiling water, and this could prove to be very effective.

Even everyday household ingredients can be utilized to freshen up and help clear your drains. This can be done with adding a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar or lemon juice down the drain and flush it through with some boiling water.

Blocked Drain Companies

Some retail solutions can be effective for a bit more stubborn drain blockage. These types of products can however be expensive and can be a bit more harmful to either your health, or the environment. Make sure to use them with care, and to carefully follow the instructions.

If some of these simple solutions are still not doing the trick, it should be about time that you make the call to the professionals.

With professional equipment, a blocked drain plumber will be able to sort out your situation in a jiffy.

How do I know when I have a blocked drain?

You will notice water takes extremely long to drain. Or if water starts pushing back up the shower drain. Sometimes the water in the toilet bowl will rise to the brim and take very long to flush. These are sure signs that you have a blocked drain.

Latest technology used by blocked drain plumbers, can save you lots of time and effort. These days you can even investigate the problem with cctv camera’s that are sent down your plumbing system.

This saves a tremendous amount of hard labour. Blocked drain Brackenfell plumbers can assist with all your queries and frustrations and will ensure that all your odour causing problems are down the drain soon.

Best Blocked Drain Plumbers in the Area

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